I Just Signed Up for the Box! What Will I Receive?

Thank you for subscribing !! You shall receive your box containing 4-5 cosmetic products from a range of Luxury Brands.

How do I fill out my beauty/grooming profile for my subscription?

We have a set of questions which will help us help you better.As soon as you log onto our website www.boxfetish.com

Can I choose or opt out of certain products/samples each month?

Boxes always contain full size products and samples from a mix of different categories (cosmetics,skincare, haircare, fragrance, lifestyle, etc.). There is no option to opt out of a given category. We’re a full service; discovery and experimentation is an integral part of the service. When it comes to specific products within these categories, we do our best to match to your individual needs such as your style and skin type.

If I move, am I able to update my address for my subscription?

Updating your address is easy! Simply drop us an e-mail with your order number and new address. Please note that address changes for subscriptions must be received before the 5th of the month. A fee of Rs 100 will be levied if we receive the address change post the 5th of the month.

Am I able to put my subscription on hold?

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to place subscriptions on hold.

When can I expect my first shipment?

Once you have subscribed we dispatch the boxes in 2 lots.One lot before the 15th of the month and the other in the second half of the month.

When will I be billed for the membership?

You will be billed for the entire period of your subscription at the time of placing the order

Am I able to return or exchange My Box?

The Boxes cannot be exchanged and are nonrefundable

What is your cancellation policy?

There is a ‘no cancellation’ policy on the Box Fetish Boxes


Will you tell me what is coming in my box ahead of time? Can I choose?

Yes every month we give you a generic preview of what are the contents of the box.No,We cannot change the contents as per your choice because the boxes are curated by experts who have personalized the same.

What if I receive a broken or missing product?

If your product is damaged or missing, please write to us at info@boxfetish.com We will sort it out! You have a maximum of 24 hrs in which to inform us of the damage along with the pictures.

Is the Box customized? Will I love the products?

Yes we do customize the boxes — Some products are sent to everyone—these products are chosen carefully to ensure that they’ll work for a wide range of styles, skin types, and coloring. Other products are chosen specifically for your beauty and grooming needs. We are also truly committed to never sending you the same product twice! Please contact us if this happens.

What if I don't like the products that I receive?

We hope you do! But if you don’t, please tell us. Feedback is important to us and we promise to respond. In the meantime, pass the products on to some lucky friends!

Will My Box fit my needs based on the color of my skin etc?

We try our best to only send you products that fit your beauty/grooming needs, skin color, and hair type. Fill out your beauty profile to ensure that we can pick products that will work for you.

I have allergies to certain products and ingredients. What do I do?

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee that your box won’t contain any specific products or ingredients. Because we take allergies seriously and we don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver, we cannot accommodate allergies. We understand if that makes it hard for you to begin or continue our service, but we hope you’ll stick with it and we encourage you to give the occasional trouble products away to a friend! If you do have known allergies to certain products/ingredients, we highly suggest that you first check the product’s ingredients before you test out your sample. A list of ingredients can be found on every product’s page on our Box Fetish- shop section.

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